Rand Aid rejoices residents’ lives

Two people’s lives were toasted at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre recently when residents Lynn Kingston and Frank Lucas were ceremoniously awarded …

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The new Evergreen Broadacres’ Lifestyle & Healthcare Centre

Construction has officially started on the 4000m2 Lifestyle Centre at Evergreen Broadacres retirement village. It will provide residents of this ‘town-meets-country’ estate access …

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Evergreen Muizenberg Retirement Village launches Frail Care

The award-winning national retirement brand, Evergreen Lifestyles is changing the way healthcare is delivered and managed at its Muizenberg retirement village. They have …

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Rand Aid retirement villages rewards loyal employees

Rand Aid Association retirement villages inspire loyalty. This is evident each year when the NPO holds its long service awards, and the service record …

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Milkwood Lifestyle Retirement Village Port Shepstone

The official launch of the Milkwood Lifestyle Retirement Village Port Shepstone was held on the 8th July 2016. It was well attended with over …

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Tips for finding the best Somerset West Retirement Village for you

When looking for a place to call home when you retire, a Somerset West retirement village could provide you with everything you desire. …

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Why you should consider Sandton Retirement Villages

When deciding on a retirement village, you need to make an informed decision because it will affect your finances and lifestyle in the …

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Rand Aid celebrates their centenarians at their Johannesburg frail care facility

Four hundred and two. That is the combined age of four of the residents who attended a tea party on 9 June 2016 …

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Ron Smith Frail Care Centre looks beyond age

‘A person’s age represents a fine cargo of experiences and memories.’ ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wartime Writings 1939-1944. In acknowledging that the people …

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There’s a new way of doing things for senior care centre managers

Person-directed care is not just a new buzzword in long-term senior care. It comes from the world-wide realisation that care facilities for seniors …

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