A retirement village offers you flexibility

Modern retirement villages look a bit like landscaped holiday resorts. Gone are the days when the term conjured up images of people past …

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The family’s elderly care responsibilities

What is the family’s responsibility when it come to elderly care? Parents give their children life, educated them and in most cases enabled them to …

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Elderly care: Understand how ageing affects driving

Everyone ages differently so there is no set cut-off age for older people to stop driving. But if you’re involved in elderly care, you …

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What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a generic term describing facilities for people needing assistance with day to day living activities. They cater for people that need help …

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Rand Aid Association Retirement Villages need assistance

Rand Aid Association retirement villages are committed to the elderly in Lyndhurst and surrounds. While very few non-profit organisations have been able to survive the harsh economic …

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Socialising ‘leads to longer life’

People who regularly socialise with friends and family will live longer than their more isolated counterparts, according to a new study. Those who …

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Choosing a Care home or Nursing Home

Moving elderly parents into care homes or nursing homes is a major decision and not one to be taken lightly. There are financial, …

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Your Retirement Property – The most significant investment ever

Buying your retirement property requires more research and planning than any other property purchase you make throughout your entire life. Early on, as …

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Assited Living, Independent Living, Frail Care, Midcare – Help!

For a person investigating retirement options for a family member, all these terms can be quite confusing! And if you think these are …

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OUR “TARGETED” BANNERS A new offering from the Senior Service website! Our new targeted banners appear after a search is done on our …

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