Four things to consider when looking for an old age home

Entrusting a loved one to an old age home is not easy. But if you do your homework well, it will make your …

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What else to look for in a care home

The type of care that is best for you will depend on your individual circumstances. You might need help because you have had …

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Thembalami Frail Care Centre needs fund raising for lifts

Otis Elevator Company is helping give the Thembalami Frail Care Centre a lift. The Rand Aid Association-run frail care centre looks after senior …

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Ron Smith frail care residents enjoy their new personal noticeboards

Charlene van Zyl is an Occupational Therapist at Rand Aid-run Ron Smith Frail Care Centre. She’s an advocate of the centre’s philosophy for personalised care. Bringing …

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Here’s how to ensure you get into a retirement village

It is heartbreaking to see a person in their golden years unable to find a secure, caring retirement village to live. This is the view …

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A retirement village offers you flexibility

Modern retirement villages look a bit like landscaped holiday resorts. Gone are the days when the term conjured up images of people past …

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The family’s elderly care responsibilities

What is the family’s responsibility when it come to elderly care? Parents give their children life, educated them and in most cases enabled them to …

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Elderly care: Understand how ageing affects driving

Everyone ages differently so there is no set cut-off age for older people to stop driving. But if you’re involved in elderly care, you …

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What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a generic term describing facilities for people needing assistance with day to day living activities. They cater for people that need help …

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Rand Aid Association retirement villages are committed to the wellbeing of the elderly

Rand Aid Association's Tarentaal offers subsidised rental accommodation for the elderly with limited means while Thembalami caters for men and women over 65 who are …

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