Enjoy a quality lifestyle in your retirement at Evergreen Broadacres Retirement Village

by antoinette pombo
August 12, 2017

The Amdec Group is proud to announce its much anticipated next building phase of brand new apartments at Evergreen Broadacres, its popular retirement lifestyle estate in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Evergreen Lifestyle, part of the Amdec Group and South Africa’s leading national provider of retirement living, has invested R350 million into the project. The initiative is part of Amdec’s plans to increase its retirement units to 10 000 nationwide in forthcoming years. 

The development comprises a 4 000m2 Lifestyle and Care Centre with features such as a bistro and bar, an indoor heated swimming pool, a large residents’ lounge and a library. As for accommodation, the new phase brings brand new modern apartments to the market in the form of 2-bedroomed and 2-bathroom, and 1-bedroomed and 1-bathroom units.

The Evergreen Broadacres Village has attracted significant interest since its 2012 launch, with the 130 free-standing houses in the first stage of the development being snapped up quickly.  All but two of the houses have now been sold, and it is anticipated that the apartments, which will assist in addressing the backlog of accommodation for the middle- to high-income retiree, will attract similar interest.


This phase of this multi-phased construction project will see the first 24 apartments being built, along with the completion of the Village’s Lifestyle Centre with its resort-style features, and the 32-bed frail care facility in the Care Centre.   In addition, the 2-hectare green belt area within this 8-hectare development is perfect for long walks through the natural surroundings in a secure environment.

“The completion of the Lifestyle Centre marks a very important milestone,” comments Arthur Case, the Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Lifestyle.  “With this amenity and the addition of the apartments comes the opportunity for people to age in place.  When retirees make the life-changing decision to move from their suburban family home to a retirement home, it is ideal if they can stay in one place for their remaining years, not having to be relocated again in the future.  Residents already living at Evergreen’s Broadacres Village now have the option to move into a smaller unit – an apartment – in the future, should this become necessary.  And, if their health begins to fail, they can be looked after in the Care Centre.” 


Since the concept of the retirement lifestyle village caters for people’s needs in older age to settle within a community of like-minded people so as to limit isolation and loneliness, it is ideal for aging in place.  For the younger retirees who may move in when in perfect health and able to live totally independently, a free-standing 3-bedroomed house is perfect.  With its garage and open space, life can be the same as in the suburban family home: the retirees can drive wherever they wish to, create a garden, entertain friends and family, and even have grandchildren stay over.   New residents have a perfect opportunity to make friends at the Village by joining one of the many clubs or exercise groups.


Judy and Ian Stuart, who have lived in the Broadacres Village for the past year, are enthusiastic about their new home, saying: “We love…our home, our garden and the people who live here….The strong sense of community and the support system are extraordinary, and the social life is exhausting, but wonderful! Our family say we are never at home and that they cannot keep up with us!”


“When life becomes more difficult, it is reassuring for the resident to have the support of that circle of friends,” Case explains.  “So, if, for instance, a spouse passes away, the transition into widowhood is made easier than if the person were completely alone.  At this stage, the widowed person may find downsizing into an apartment more attractive; since it is on one’s doorstep, the adjustment is minimal.” So, too, in the event of physical or mental ailments, when a resident may need the health care facilities that typically include 24-hour nursing, frail care, recuperative and palliative care.  


The starting price for the Life Rights for these apartments is R1,2 million. According to Case, “The purchase of a Life Right guarantees that one will have a safe and secure home throughout one’s remaining years, and those of one’s spouse.  It allows for financial flexibility with the initial capital outlay, making it more accessible than is the case with a sectional title unit.”


Case also points out that, “Increases in levies for the units are likely to be limited in the future since this is a large development.  With so many units, the shared costs – security, gardening, insurance – are spread across the more than 200 homes; if there were, say, just 75 units, increases in costs hit each resident more significantly.”


The launch of the new apartment development takes place on Thursday, 17 August 2017, from 2-4pm at Evergreen Broadacres.  Come along and experience the Evergreen Lifestyle!


If you would like to attend, RSVP to Maureen on 011 467 7097 or email info@evergreenlifestyle.co.za.

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