Here’s how to ensure you get into a retirement village

by Clive
September 9, 2014

It is heartbreaking to see a person in their golden years unable to find a secure, caring retirement village to live.

This is the view of Rae Brown, CEO of non-profit organisation Rand Aid, which has a number of retirement villages, a care centre for indigent, frail senior citizens as well as a substance abuse treatment centre under its umbrella.

Poor planning could result in you not getting a place in your chosen retirement village

“Many people do not give any thought to where they will live once a large family home no longer suits them. When they suddenly realise they want the security and camaraderie offered by a retirement village, as well as the security of nursing care if needed, they are faced with the unpleasant reality of a waiting list.

“Often, people come to us desperate to get a unit immediately, not realising there is a waiting list and that others had the foresight to place their names on the list years ago,” says Brown.

The misconception that people hold about retirement villages is often a deterring factor for pre-planning too. “Retirement villages are not restrictive or suitable only for people who no longer enjoy an active life.

On the contrary, retirement village living offers security and peace of mind, but also a host of activities and the chance to forge new friendships, while retaining independence. It also allows a lock up-and-go lifestyle, without the worry of what will happen whilst you enjoy a holiday elsewhere.

Units are usually freestanding and have their own gardens with attached garages to keep residents. You do not need to compromise on the comforts you are accustomed to.

Plan ahead and reserve your place at a suitable retirement village early

“Put your name down timeously at a suitable retirement village,” advises Brown. “If you are not ready when your name is reached on the list, you can always bump yourself down without losing your place on the list. The alternative is to have to worry about your well-being when you should instead be enjoying your golden years.”

Contact Rand Aid at 011 882 2510.

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