Evergreen Muizenberg Retirement Village launches Frail Care

by antoinette pombo
August 30, 2016

MuizenbergThe award-winning national retirement brand, Evergreen Lifestyles is changing the way healthcare is delivered and managed at its Muizenberg retirement village. They have recently established a sophisticated Healthcare Centre that includes a fully equipped Frail Care Unit.

The new Healthcare Unit completes Evergreen’s ‘continuous care’ model. It forms part of the newly built 4,000m2 Lifestyle Centre at the heart of the estate. It addresses the unique needs of the frail elderly and offers comprehensive 24-hour nursing as well as recuperative care.

The centre features a 32-bed frail care unit, a primary healthcare clinic, occupational therapy suite, a doctor’s consulting room, nurses’ offices, sterile procedure room as well as a healthcare administration facility. The sparkling new centre is also designed and decorated to offer a welcoming feeling. Additional features include: a visitors’ reception, spacious lounge and dining room fitted with comfortable furniture and big screen TVs. There’s also the stunning views of the village and mountains visible from large picture windows and a sunny enclosed outdoor courtyard with big trees and outdoor resting areas.

“The unit serves Evergreen’s four Western Cape villages and is managed by Unique Health. They deliver healthcare services in all our villages,” said Evergreen Lifestyles Managing Director, Derek Drew. “With their 12 Frail Care units they manage already, Unique Health has significant experience in offering frail care. They also manage all aspects of the Muizenberg unit, including the provision of registered nurses and carers, to specialist doctors on call,” he adds.

“The launch of the Muizenberg Healthcare Centre adds a vital component to Evergreen retirement village’s range of supportive services. It provides home-based healthcare, allowing residents to receive care in their familiar surroundings,” says Drew. “All the homes and apartments have access to 24-hour emergency assistance at the push of a button. And caring, trained staff are on hand to assist when required,” he says. “This is further enhanced by the health clinics that offer primary services that include regular health checks such as blood pressure, administration of preventative flu vaccines, as well as the treatment of basic ailments” he explains. “A pillar of Evergreen retirement village’s ‘partnership promise’ is the promotion of active ageing and the management of health. Now, with the provision of professional Frail Care, we’ve added an additional layer, thereby advancing and enriching our brand promise. It’s great news to our Evergreen retirement villages’ residents and the general public in the surrounding suburbs!” says Drew.

Management and staff at Evergreen retirement village strongly believe that a vital key to enjoying a happier and healthier retirement is through supportive and age-friendly environments. A pillar of the brand’s ‘partnership promise’ is the promotion of active ageing and the management of health.

As such, the greater Muizenberg Lifestyle Centre includes a dining and lounge area, bistro, an indoor heated pool, library and a games and snooker room, as well as various opportunities for residents to maintain a regular fitness and exercise routine in the centre’s gym and exercise area.

Residents can also enjoy walks along the golden beach and nearby mountain reserves, have dips in the sea – plus they have easy access to amenities close by, including theatres, nature reserves and shops.

“High quality care, splendid and secure locations and resort-style amenities are what the Evergreen retirement villages, including Muizenberg, offer,” says Drew, “providing an enviable lifestyle for those who require extra care and those who don’t,” he explains. “Whilst Evergreen retirement villages offer quality retirement living, we are know that, at some stage in our lives, we may require additional assistance and professional help in our day-to-day living. And that’s why we’re committed to providing worry-free retirement for all residents. This means the provision of an environment that anticipates and supports all the stages and transitions of ageing.”

“With the upcoming expansion of the Broadacres retirement village in Gauteng, we also expect to incorporate a Healthcare Centre with a 32-bed Frail Care unit into that Lifestyle Centre,” concludes Drew.

For more detailed information on the Evergreen lifestyle and new Frail Care & Dementia Unit at Muizenberg, contact 021 702 3200.

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