Rand Aid retirement villages rewards loyal employees

by antoinette pombo
August 28, 2016
Category:   Events and News

Rand Aid Association retirement villages inspire loyalty. This is evident each year when the NPO holds its long service awards, and the service record of its staff complement is toasted.

On August 25 2016, 25 employees were honoured when Chairman of the Rand Aid Board John Robinson presented them service badges and other tokens of appreciation.

“The long service awards are the highlight of my year,” said CEO Rae Brown. “I am so proud of the staff and what they give to our residents.”

The people who received awards this year have a combined 250 years of service, while another four members of the Wedge Gardens personnel with a combined service of 65 years were also honoured.

“Since we started the long service awards, we have recognised 9 520 years of service, including that of 73 staff members who have given us over 20 years each, and eight Wedge personnel with over 20 years each,” said Rae.

Jubilee Boikanyo received an award for a staggering 40 years of service. The only staff member there longer than her is Frans Mpete with 41 years, who received his long service award last year.

A supervisor in the Rand Aid central laundry, Jubilee joined Rand Aid in 1976. “It has been a joy to have Jubilee in our midst; she is a pleasure to work with. Jubilee is a loyal, hard worker who gets along well with everybody,” said Rae.

A 35-year award went to Tarentaal Village enrolled nurse Mercia Sekgarametso, who Rae said is ‘loved by the residents and, of course, the rest of the staff’.

Twenty-five-year service awards went to Ayanda Matthews: GM Compliance & Social React Division, who is known for calling a ‘spade a spade’ and is a ‘real asset to the Rand Aid management team’; Esme Erasmus, the Thornhill Manor Manager, a ‘people’s person’ who, according to Rae, has proven her dedication to Rand Aid over the years; and Stella Dibotelo, a member of the housekeeping staff at Elphin Lodge whose work ethic and friendly demeanour earn her many a compliment.

Gwen Coutinho, Joyce Mabule, Laurentia Jooste, Salaminah Mooi, Tanya Switala and Vivian Maphoso were all given 15-year service awards. In addition, six people were recognised for 10 years of service and 16 for five years.

Four members of the Wedge Gardens team were also honoured: Blaise September (20 years), and Vernon Eekhout, Wimpie Rautenbach and Willie Van Dijk (15 years).

Retirement Villages

Jubilee Boikanyo has been a Rand Aid Association employee for a staggering 40 years. With her are daughter Antoinette and Chairman of the Rand Aid Board John Robinson.

Retirement villages

Long serving employees of Rand Aid Association are, back: Mercia Sekgarametso (35 years), Ayanda Matthews (25 years) and Frans Mpete (the longest serving employee with 41 years). Front: Esme Erasmus (25 years), Jubilee Boikanyo (40 years) and Stella Dibotelo (25 years). Not in the photo is Eunice Lakay, who has a 39-year service record.

Retirement Villages

Part of Wedge Gardens’ personnel, Blaise September has given Rand Aid Association a solid 20 years of service. Presenting his award is Chairman of the Rand Aid Board John Robinson.

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