Ron Smith frail care residents enjoy their new personal noticeboards

by Clive
September 9, 2014

Charlene van Zyl is an Occupational Therapist at Rand Aid-run Ron Smith Frail Care Centre. She’s an advocate of the centre’s philosophy for personalised care.

Bringing a touch of home to the frail care centre residents

The centre has hung noticeboards on the door of each resident’s room in the dementia ward. This way, family members can place photos of the residents and their families up, as well as greeting cards, poems or drawings.

It’s a wonderful way of introducing the resident to the staff and fellow residents and bringing a bit of home and all it entails to the frail care centre.

Staff members are also in the process of putting life stories in the form of collages on each resident’s door throughout the rest of the frail care centre.

“Some of the OT students have been designing these collages for the residents under their care and now the volunteers are also starting with this project,” says Charlene.

And now, the frail care residents’ family members can also engage in their loved ones’ day-to-day environment

Charlene has also started a website ― ― to give families an understanding of how residents spend their days at Ron Smith Frail Care Centre. With photos of events and articles about developments at the care centre, family members and friends will be able to share more in the lives of their loved ones, even if they are physically unable to visit them at the frail care centre as often as they would like.

An interactive website allows families and friends to share more fully in the lives of their loved ones who are being cared for at a Lyndhurst-based care centre.

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