What you can expect if you choose a Stellenbosch Retirement Village

by antoinette pombo
December 20, 2016
Category:   Articles on Property

Stellenbosch Retirement Village

Just 50km from Cape Town, this growing town offers some of the most sought after retirement villages. But what could you expect if you choose a Stellenbosch Retirement Village?

Let’s take a look:

  • It’s an uncrowded city with just over 156,000 residents
  • It’s a young town – reaming with South Africa’s finest youth who attend Stellenbosch University
  • Warm Mediterranean climate
  • Brimming with lively rugby supporters
  • Producer of some of the best wine in the country
  • Sheltered by majestic mountains
  • Surrounded by natural beauty

If you are interested in retiring in the Western Cape, a Stellenbosch Retirement Village could be the perfect choice for you. To find retirement villages in Stellenbosch, enter the keyword ‘Stellenbosch’ on the home page of Seniorservice.co.za.

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