Thembalami Frail Care Centre needs fund raising for lifts

by Clive
September 9, 2014


Otis Elevator Company is helping give the Thembalami Frail Care Centre a lift.

The Rand Aid Association-run frail care centre looks after senior citizens who are largely unable to climb and descend stairs.

Unfortunately, Thembalami’s two passenger and one laundry lift frequently malfunction, making it extremely difficult for the residents to get around the home.

Thembalami Frail Care Centre gets a helping hand

On Mandela Day 2011, 702’s John Robbie broadcast from Thembalami’s Lombardy-East frail care home generated publicity and secured a R10,000 donation from Otis.

Otis then further agreed to provide free labour to assist in the desperately-needed overhaul of Thembalami’s elevators, and to provide a reduced 10-year maintenance contract.

Once work is completed, the elevators will offer increased reliability and speed, and will make access to all areas of the frail care centre easier for the residents.

Although Otis has also agreed to supply the parts needed at cost, Thembalami still needs to source around R200 000 per lift to pay for these. With many of the people at Thembalami indigent, the care centre’s existence is an ongoing battle, and help is needed to raise the money for this essential project.

The care centre is currently undergoing renovations, with new tiles, paint and a spruced-up TV room and it is hoped that the elevators are soon in good nick too. If you are able to assist in any way, please give Ayanda Matthews a call at 011 882 2510.

The elevators at Thembalami Frail Care Centre have effectively been out of order for a year. Although repairmen are frequently called out, the lifts work for only a short while before malfunctioning again. For residents like Robert Innes, this makes accessing the second floor with its OT room, shop, chapel and library virtually impossible. Help is desperately needed to overhaul the elevators at the Thembalami Frail Care Centre.

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