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About Nazareth Care

Nazareth Care offers its residents a safe, stimulating, and welcoming environment for the aged to enjoy their golden years. Our services include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Frail Care, Palliative Care, Respite Care, Day Care, and specialised Dementia Care via The Villa.

Each of our 7 Care Nazareth Houses have their own unique atmosphere and style, with a varied range of activities and facilities to make our residents stay as safe, secure and independent as possible.

Our approach to care is unique, creating personalised methods of looking after the needs of each individual, allowing us to respect each individual and treat them with the dignity that is required.

Further, we provide a peaceful, homely environment within safe, secure premises with the primary focus on person-centered care. Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day and are all registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Care workers receive additional training in person-centered care and Dementia Care. Weekly activities are scheduled for all residents. 

Our Core Focus

At Nazareth Care our focus is on Quality of Life and this remains the central goal of the entire organization. Quality of Life may be defined as encompassing personal culture along with physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The implementation of Occupational Therapy facilitates a holistic intervention, which is aimed at providing a unique, person-centered treatment approach to every resident, based on his/her unique needs, abilities and preferences. 

At Nazareth Care the residents are provided with the most comfortable, safe, stimulating, welcoming, and homely environment for them to spend their golden years, knowing they are valued, loved and understood. 

Our Values

  • We value the personhood of our residents. By providing one-on-one person-centred care, we help them maintain their sense of self-respect and personal identity.
  • To truly understand what another person has experienced, we must first seek to listen. Our care workers take heed of the challenges faced by our residents and support them accordingly.
  • Every person deserves respect and kindness. We acknowledge the value of our residents’ lives by treating them courteously and respecting their personal preferences and privacy.
  • Good quality of life is essential to happiness. That’s why we provide a warm, welcoming environment with caring staff and an emphasis on communal living and companionship.
  • Each resident is an individual with their own unique needs and preferences. Our care workers recognise this by offering them support and accommodation with due consideration.

Our Care Houses

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