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Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town



The award-winning Buh-Rein Estate, that launched in 2010, is introducing a brand new prestigious retirement development – Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town. This discerning establishment was designed by the well-known Dennis Moss Partnership – who are experts in integrating architecture, landscapes and urban designs.

Buh-Rein Retirement Village has on offer 418 Independent Living Apartments, and 43 Assisted Living Apartments – and they both come with peace of mind, for families and residents, knowing that added Frail Care and Dementia Care facilities are just an arm’s length away – should they ever be needed.

The residents have access to a gymnasium, hobby room, heated swimming pool, salon, bowls lawn, and delicious meals of their choice from the two restaurants in the Lifestyle Centre. The herb and vegetable gardens are all-time favourites for hours of pleasure and social interaction.

Residents will be able to enjoy the various walking trails as well as time in the family restaurant. A future-planned Checkers Centre will also soon add even more convenience for residents.

There is no doubt, Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town is a retirement village designed and developed by industry experts, who understand and appreciate the unique needs of each of our clients.

Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town Independent Living Apartments

One- & Two-Bedroom apartments will be available from R1 159 900 [NO TRANSFER DUTIES]

Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town will consist of 418 Independent Living Apartments. Apartment owners will have access to the amenities listed below. Plus, residents can enjoy 4 main meals every month at any of the Clubhouse restaurants, with a pre-booking.

Residents will enjoy weekly access to primary healthcare clinic services offered by a registered nurse at the Care Centre, five days per year – per unit– of recuperative care at the village’s Care Centre at no extra charge (T’s & C’s apply), 24-hour Call4Care monitoring and emergency alert services, and a 15% saving on permanent accommodation in the Care Centre. Permanent residents of the Estate will also receive priority if they need to move into the Care Centre –  subject to availability.

Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town Assisted Living Apartments

One- & Two-Bedroom apartments: SOLD OUT

Buh-Rein Retirement Village will have 43 Assisted Living Apartments. The owners will enjoy primary healthcare clinic services by a registered / staff nurse in the Care Centre, five days per year (per unit) of recuperative care at the Care Centre at no additional charge (T’s & C’s apply), 24-Hour Call4Care monitoring and emergency alert services, and 15% discount on permanent accommodation at the Care Centre.

Full-time residents will also receive priority if and when they need to move to the Care Centre – subject to availability. Additional services include 2.5kg of personal laundry, twice per week; five kilos of linen laundry, once per week; one hour of domestic services, once per week; and 16 main meals per month at the restaurants in the Clubhouse based on a pre-booking system.

Frail Care Units

Available from R19 100pm [AVAILABLE NOW TO RENT FOR 60’s AND OVER]

This modern state-of-the-art Care Centre is equipped to address the unique requirements of Frail Care residents. The Care Centre will accommodate 10 specialised Frail Care Units.

Key features include:

  • Layout plans for the interior are specially designed to assist residents with navigation and orientation.
  • Every foreseen safety measure will be taken into consideration (for example, non-slip and non-reflective surfaces, etc).
  • Safe outdoor activity and relaxation areas encourage residents to enjoy outdoor as well as indoor living – which stimulates both body and mind.

Memory Care Units

Available from R27 800pm  [NOW AVAILABLE TO RENT FOR 60’s AND OVER]

This fully-equipped, modern Care Centre is designed to cater for the specific needs of those suffering with dementia. A ‘Dementia Bureau’ is included in the package to help guide residents and their families with what to expect when patients’ mental abilities decline. This state-of-the-art Care Centre will house 10 Memory Care Units.

Key features:

  • Interior layout is designed to assist residents with orientation and navigation within the centre.
  • All possible foreseen safety measures have been taken into consideration (non-slip and non-reflective surfaces, etc).
  • In order to encourage residents to enjoy the landscaped gardens, as well as the indoors, and stimulate both body and mind, there is easy access to safe outdoor areas.
  • A replica kitchen will be integrated for the more frail residents – to simulate normal daily household activities (under staff supervision).

Buh-Rein Retirement Village Cape Town has its own Clubhouse with restaurants, massage therapy,  a wellness salon, heated swimming pool, beautician, hairdresser, gymnasium with shower facilities, library with internet access, bar and refreshments area, deli, courtyard with a relaxing central water feature and ample seating around it, lapa with inside and outside braai facilities and a function hall – which can seat up to 500 people. There is also a gatehouse with hobby areas for woodwork, and handcrafts, such as pottery and knitting.

A vegetable and herb garden links surrounding apartments, making it the ‘green lung’ of the development. It will provide a place for residents to meet and socialise – an opportunity to sit on garden benches, relax and get to know each other – or actively get involved in gardening.

*Kindly note that all fees are based on current prices, and are subject to change without prior notice.

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Number of Apartments
Number of beds in Midcare Assisted Living
Number of beds in Frailcare
Community Center
Clubhouses, Lifestyle hall, lounge and bar, hobby room, vegetable garden, bowling lawn
Wellness Salon (Hairdresser, Beautician and massage therapy)
Pets allowed
Transport to shops
Concierge service (booking of taxis)
2 Restaurants and a Deli
Complex Security
Guards at Entrances | Roaming Guard | Electric Fencing | CCTV
Wheelchair Access
Medical Doctor
Available on Request
Nursing sister
Carers on duty 24 hours a day | Weekly Clinic Services
Swimming Pool
Heated Swimming Pool
Laundry Service
2 x p/w Personal laundry, 1 x p/w Linen Laundry
Library Service
Wi Fi
Free in library only
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