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Ellie care – Part of the Medifrail group


Located on a beautiful farm in the Hennopsriver area, with farm animals and vegetable patches, Ad Care Hennops River – Dementia Care Pretoria, caters to the more physically abled persons.
Awaken in the morning surrounded by a tranquil farm atmosphere, feel revitalised as you listen to the calming sounds of nature. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you experience the beauty of nature.

Is it possible to be surrounded by so much love, peace and joy? At Medifrail Hennops River Pretoria, we say: Yes, it is possible.

We strive to create an environment where all of our residents can feel at home and enjoy every moment in spite of their health condition.

At Hennops River we provide accommodation for younger people and the elderly, as well as provide Nursing Care for a variety of Diseases and Health Conditions such as Frail Care, MS, and Parkinsons. And, we specialise in Caring for Patients with Alzheimers and Dementia. Most of our residents are mobile but we also provide care for patients using a walking frame or a wheelchair.

Our Passionate Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse and Teams of Care Workers are qualified and specially equipped to ensure that all patients receive the Highest Quality of Nursing Care. Our Registered Nurse is in charge of the medical department and reports directly to the Facility Manager.

We provide 24/7 Care and follow a Daily Planner which includes all facets of Care, we adjust our Daily Planner slightly to ensure our patients are comfortable during both summer and winter.

Once a week as well as in Emergency Situations our Medical Doctor comes to our facility. We work closely with Critical Care, our Ambulance Service, in the case of a patient needing transport to hospital. Every Patient’s Responsible Person is contacted so that they may give permission for the patient to see the Medical Doctor or in the case of an Emergency Situation that the patient may be transported to Hospital.

From Top Management, The Registered Nurse, Care Workers and Cleaners, all Staff at AD Care have our patients’ best interests at heart and ensure that all patients feel safe and loved.

Are you still searching for a “Home Sweet Home” for your “Loved One”? Look no further than Medifrail where every resident becomes a part of our family.

Contact Ad Care hennops River – Dementia Care Pretoria today to enquire.

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Number of beds in Midcare Assisted Living
We offer basic hairdressing services included in monthly rental
Pets allowed
We are small pet friendly
Transport to shops
Snack vending machine on site
Meals are included in monthly rental
Complex Security
Security is important to us, and our facility is patrolled by a trained handler and K-9.
Wheelchair Access
Our premises are wheelchair friendly
Medical Doctor
per arrangement and emergency ambulance transportation
Nursing sister
24/7 professional nurse on site
Swimming Pool
No swimming pool
Laundry Service
Laundry services are included in monthly fee
Music and Art therapy
Wi Fi
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