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Lifestyle Edge – Retirement Village and Assisted Living


Lifestyle Edge – Retirement Village and Assisted Living – where Tranquility and Assisted Living are perfectly blended.

Imagine a life filled with peace, purpose, and community, nestled amidst the vibrant beauty of nature. This is the vision that awaits you at Lifestyle Edge, a ground-breaking model of integrated living within the secure and serene Xanadu eco estate.

More than just a retirement village, Lifestyle Edge is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of sustainability, security, and social connection. Picture waking up to sun-dappled walkways winding through lush gardens, where the symphony of birdsong mingles with the gentle murmur of a nearby stream. Envision a community where eco-friendly practices are seamlessly integrated into daily life, minimizing our impact on the environment while ensuring a healthy future for generations to come.

Lifestyle Edge emphasis on holistic well-being ensures that retirees thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our vision is to be at the forefront of sustainable senior living, where every retiree feels safe and finds a sense of peace. With this in mind, Lifestyle Edge in partnership with registered service providers, will provide the undermentioned medical services from the medical rooms located at Lifestyle Edge.

We want to empower retirees to flourish in a sanctuary of holistic well-being, where physical vitality, mental resilience, and emotional fulfilment is evident. Our vision is to lead the way in sustainable senior living, nurturing a thriving community at the forefront of wellness.

A Medical Levy at Lifestyle Edge – Retirement Village and Assisted Living -includes the following basic medical care:
  • Caregivers

– Day Shift (5 days a week from 06:00-18:00)

– Night Shift (7 days a week from 18:00-06:00)

  • Smart Band Monitor

A compulsory Smart Band Monitor will have an emergency button, heart rate monitor, GPS and 2-way communication for emergency situations.

  • Registered Nurse

– will be on site of a minimum twice a week

We have entered into an agreement with various medical service providers to offer additional medical services at an extra cost:

  • Assisted Living includes the following

– Bathing, Dressing, Mouth Care, Hair Care, Toileting, Mobility, Eating, Bedmaking, Pressure Care and Basic Care

  • Physiotherapy

We will have a registered Medical Doctor on site once a week for patient consultations which must be pre-booked.

At Lifestyle Edge, security is an ever-present comfort. Our gated community provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the joys of life without worry. We leverage innovative technologies and dedicated security personnel to ensure your safety and well-being around the clock.

Retirement shouldn’t mean sacrificing the things that matter most. At Lifestyle Edge, we go beyond simply meeting your needs; we strive to exceed them. We envision a legacy of environmental consciousness, vibrant community, and secure living that extends far beyond your lifetime, leaving a lasting positive impact on the world around us.

So, if you envision a retirement filled with peace, purpose, and connection, nestled within the embrace of nature’s beauty, consider joining us at Lifestyle Edge. Come experience the future of senior living, where every day is an invitation to thrive.

Contact Lifestyle Edge – Retirement Village and Assisted Living – today!

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