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Golden Harvest 1 Randburg Retirement Village


Golden Harvest 1 Randburg Retirement Village was built in 1984. It was one of the first retirement villages in the area.

It comprises 100 living units and staff quarters, an administrative centre which accommodates a Care Centre, kitchen, dining room, administration offices, board room, a library, a lounge, and a number of mid care rooms.

There are wonderful gardens, a swimming pool and bowling green, the latter is overlooked by the administrative centre patio and dining room.

Regrettably the village does not allow animals but only a caged bird.

Occupancy: Persons older than 50, and who do not have children under 21, are encouraged to live in the Village.

The occupancy in a unit (including nurses/caregivers and visitors shall not exceed five persons.

Written application, with reasons, to the Village Manager is required if nurses/caregivers and visitors/relatives are to remain in residence for more than 30 days in any 12-month period.

Permission will be required from the Board if the running of any type of business is contemplated.

Financial Management of the Golden Harvest 1 Randburg Retirement Village: The financial year of the Share Block Company is March to February and each owner pays a monthly levy, reviewed annually, that goes towards the running costs of the common property and security.

To manage its financial records, including the issuing of monthly levy statements, the Company has appointed a Financial Administrator. Books of accounts are subject to an independent annual audit and are open to inspection by owners if required. The Company maintains dedicated banking accounts.

Conclusion:  Happy and satisfying community living is achieved when residents use and enjoy their units and common property in such a way that they show respect for the rights of others in the Village.

Compliance with the Rules and general consideration by residents for each other will help in creating a happy community.

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Number of Cottages
Number of beds in Midcare Assisted Living
Number of beds in Frailcare
Open Tuesday - Saturday 8am till 1pm
Pets allowed
Yes, Caged bird
Single detached lock-up garage
Transport to shops
Courtesy bus available on Tuesdays - Thursdays for residents
Dining hall open for breakfast and lunches after 12:30pm
Complex Security
24hr CCTV security system
Nursing sister
6 Sisters, 2 enrolled nurses, 2 auxiliary nurses, 8 care workers
Swimming Pool
Safety rails, Stairs, Regularly maintained
Library Service
Well stocked
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