Rand Aid’s new Glendower development

Zabeth Zühlsdorff, Rand Aid’s GM: Services and Advance Division, says interest remains high in the NPO’s proposed development at Glendower.

“We are encouraged by the continued interest in our proposed Glendower development and by all the people who have phoned us for a progress update. During this time of COVID-19, the wheels of the various municipal departments turn slowly. We have found this very frustrating due to the significant effect it is having on the Town Planning application.

“Before we can proceed with the development, the municipality has to agree to the subdivision of the land from that of the golf course, as well as the zoning we have requested, which is for a retirement village at a density of 17 units per hectare, amounting to 138 units in total,” she says.

Rand Aid’s professional team has worked tirelessly in the past few months to engage with the various municipal departments and have responded extensively to comments and queries received thus far.

“Once all the municipal departments have studied the application and commented, the Chief Town Planner is expected to refer our application to the Municipal Tribunal, for the allocation of a tribunal date. Should that all go well, we will be able to move forward with detailed architectural planning and building cost estimates. That will also put us in the position of providing updated information on the proposed floor plans and unit costs.

“We trust that all interested parties understand that the delays are out of our hands – our consultants are doing their utmost to expedite the matter. We remain excited about this new development and know that, once we have cleared the red tape, we will be able to deliver a superior product, meeting the needs of many discerning retirees,” says Zabeth.