Who is SAAHA?

South African Association for Homes of the Aged was established in the early 90’s with the main aim of being information sharing and relationship building.

SAAHA (South African Association of Homes for the Aged), established in the early 90’s, is a national, registered, Non-Profit Organisation, guided by a Constitution. It’s an information-sharing and relationship-building body for the industry, which facilitates:

  • Increased awareness of the needs of the elderly
  • Establishment of safe accommodation and care
  • The participation of both private and public partners in alleviating the pressure on the community when parents and family members age
  • The assistance and protection of the aged community’s human rights
  • To be a voice and advisory platform for those who need assistance and guidance in the geriatric field
  • The dissemination of information on industry changes to members at quarterly meetings
  • Hosting informative presentations by industry partners
  • Influence of legislation and policy in the industry
  • The encouragement of government departments to consult with SAAHA members on matters relating to uplifting levels of care and increasing service delivery in the sector