About us

The Senior Service website is run and managed by Senior Exposure cc, the leading South African internet company specializing in the Seniors’ market and Seniors’ accommodation (Retirement Villages, Retirement Homes, Old Age Homes, Frail Care centres).

The Senior Service website was launched in 2002 and is now the largest directory of retirement properties for Seniors in South Africa with around 24,000 visits per month (watch this informative video on how we assist retirement groups market their facilities: http://youtu.be/8vakvD0-sl8 )

In 2011 we took over the Retirement Places website, www.RetirementPlaces.co.za which attracts around 13,000 visitors per month to its website. The sister website to Retirement Places is Retirement Place, www.RetirementPlace.co.za, which we have been running for the last 8 years.

We also operate the Frail Care website, www.FrailCare.co.za, which specializes in assisting web users find frail care accommodation.

We recently launched a Leisure website for Seniors. Tours, cruises, courses, lectures, entertainment, special offers for Seniors, dining and everything FUN for the Seniors market is presented on this website. You will find the Leisure website at:

SeniorsPlayground.co.za. Hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, we run a medical website for Seniors: www.medical.seniorservice.co.za where users can find medical advice and medical products, services and aids for Seniors.

Thank you for using our websites

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