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In the midst of this modern financial district and Johannesburg’s premier business centre, lies a haven of old age homes Sandton, set in peaceful gardens.

They’re close to the Morningside Medi-Clinic, Sandton Medi-Clinic and Sunninghill Clinic, as well as a number of shopping centres, including the largest on the continent…

And they’re easily accessible.

To find more Old Age Homes in your area, do a detailed search on our Home Page, you can also view the latest developments, and view some videos on some of our retirement villages.

Take a look at some of the Old Age Homes Sandton has to offer below. These are just a few old age homes featured on Senior Service, you will find dozens more when you use the search box above or visit our home page.

Westview Lodge Old Age Homes Sandton

Westview Lodge old age homes Sandton offers care for residents requiring different degrees of nursing care; including midcare, assisted living and frail care.

Holiday care, day care and convalescent care are also available at Westview Lodge.

You will enjoy a high level of comfort, independence and companionship in a supportive environment at this old age home.


Westview Old Age homes Sandton


Lourdes House Old Age Home Sandton

Lourdes House was founded and is run on Christian values.

We harbour care and love for each other in the home. There is a religious service on a Tuesday and Wednesday at the home.

The mission at Lourdes House is to provide accommodation and nursing services that help the individual maintain the dignity, quality of life, and as far as possible, the independence they’re accustomed to.

Lourdes House Old Age Home Sandton

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