Assisted living versus living in a Lifestyle Village

by Clive
September 9, 2014

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are for persons who need help with daily living activities but do not require nursing home care. Typically they provide help with meals, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and other needs. Services are either included in the rent or provided at an extra charge.


Assisted Living Facilities Are for you if:

You just need a hand every now and then. And really, who doesn’t? This option offers retirement communities with varying care levels, so you’ve never got anything to worry about. In addition to the help with your activities of daily living, you will also get the comfort of three meals a day and the safety of controlled entry. And some assisted living communities even include a memory care unit for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Assisted Living Facilities Checklist Of Things To Consider

  1. How does it look? You might be staying here for a little while, so you might as well pick a place that looks nice to you!
  2. How does the staff seem? You should hold out for a place with professional, conscientious employees. A good way to tell is by watching how they treat each other.
  3. Is there a 24-hour response system that’s easily accessible? You can never be too safe.
  4. Are there activity schedules posted? You don’t want to get bored in your new place!


You may be wondering well then what is a “Lifestyle Village”?

To someone who is new to this concept, a Lifestyle village is essentially a park for manufactured homes and is dedicated to permanent tenants only. They have become a great option for people looking for more affordable and low maintenance housing.

What’s so good about them?
• Homes in Lifestyle Villages are significantly more affordable to buy
• They are a fantastic option for people who are looking to downsize from a conventional house or people after something more affordable
• Few maintenance problems
• Living costs may be further offset due to effective use of “Rent Assistance”
• Quality villages have well laid out, pleasant grounds that you don’t have to maintain
• Tenants enjoy a strong sense of community and can “look out” for each other

So if you need assistance with day to day living, assisted living is probably best and you can find such facilities in South Africa here

However if you feel that you are still dependeant and would preffer a Lifestyle village then click here for facilities available in South Africa.

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