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Oasis Life Clara Anna Fontein – Retirement Village Durbanville


Oasis Clara Anna Fontein – Retirement Village Durbanville – originated in November 2018 by the launch of the Oasis Life brand in the then brand-new Clara Anna Fontein Lifestyle Centre. In the following February, construction began on the first of Rabie’s retirement developments, which aimed at setting new standards for retirement.

It was two years later that the heart and soul of the retirement estate – the Oasis Life Clubhouse – opened to residents on 1 December. Now, phase one is nearing completion. 24 residents have already taken ownership or are living on the estate.

Situated along the greenbelt, the new Clubhouse looks out over the wetland area, with the Durbanville hills set to the right and the magnificent Stellenbosch mountains etched in the distant landscape to the left. Across from the lush greenery, you can see the Lifestyle Centre, from which Oasis Life brand was launched.

Design elements at Oasis Clara Anna Fontein – Retirement Village Durbanville

“The Clubhouse was designed to be an extension of living spaces for residents – a place to get together with their families, and a centre to socialise in with one another.” says Tomas Wren-Sargent, who is the architect at Coasite. “The raised rooves bring natural light and volume into the interior, and create spaces that encourage people to visit and interact.”

“The building offers exquisite views of the green valley corridor, exposing residents to the wonderful natural environment in the greater Clara Anna Fontein area. In the northern courtyard, there’s a protected gathering space, along with a stunning garden, and water feature – perfect for meeting outdoors all year-round.

The materials used in the building are predominantly natural. They include stone and timber and enhance the natural environment in which the clubhouse is located.”

The beautiful Clubhouse offers various spaces of pause and functionality, including a comfortable mini-library to retreat to enjoy a good book or browse the internet, a lounge featuring a big-screen television, a multi-purpose function room as well as a wind-sheltered patio. The restaurant provides stunning views through its large picture-like windows which you can enjoy along with a leisurely sit-down meal or as you quietly recharge with a cup of coffee and pastry.

Under the professional management of Riana Zeman, the Healthcare Manager, residents have 24/7 access to the primary healthcare suites through a separate entrance.

Geoffrey John Bennett, Director at Collaboration, explains the thinking behind some of the interior design: “The design aims to create a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere that doesn’t distract from the magnificent views set by the lush wetlands and greenbelt. All joinery items were custom manufactured, allowing for uniqueness, bespoke ergonomic designs, as well as material and finish durability. Every item of furniture has been customised with unique fabrics and finishes.”

With hospitality being one of the key foundations of Oasis Life, a top team with extensive hotel and catering experience has been brought in to manage the retirement estate and Clubhouse. Heading up the team is Neil Barry – the retirement estate’s Operational Manager, alongside the energetic Lezette Breedt as Clubhouse Manager and Janine Lourens as receptionist.

Chef Michelle Beirowski, is in charge of the superbly-designed and equipped kitchen, and is already testing recipes for the Christmas lunch. The restaurant is open from 8:00 to 17:00 (the kitchen closes at 16:00) and also offers take-aways. On Sundays, residents and visitors are treated to a hearty carvery buffet filled to the brim with old-fashioned home-made goodness.

Setting the bar high at Clara Anna Fontein – Retirement Village Durbanville

“The completion and launch of the Clubhouse are significant milestones for our Clara Anna Fontein residents, but equally for us as developers. It sets the bar for what future Oasis Life residents can look forward to at the Burgundy Estate development, and others to come.” says Miguel Rodrigues – Director at Rabie. “All the design elements, look and feel, and the same attention to detail, as well as customised furnishings, will be available in all future Clubhouse and Lifestyle Centres.

When you visit Clara Anna Fontein, you’ll be able to see, touch and experience the Oasis Life promise, which is delivered with sophistication and excellence. We say that we want you to love your retirement, and we’re committed to making that happen!”

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