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New Life Retirement Villages Durbanville


New Life Retirement Villages Durbanville were launched by Henry Nel after he saw a need for retirement accommodation in Cape Town.

He started building developments that are centred around the idea of a vibrant social community where the elderly can transition into a ‘new season of life’ with valuable friendships, and peace of mind.

Today they boast 3 unique Retirement villages, aand an extension of Onze Molen. They are all designed to enhance the sense of community which is known to bring about a new lease of life.

Onze Molen was built in 2001 and consists of 35 apartments, which are either Bachelor, 1 or 2 bedroomed. it was the first of 2 more Villages to follow, Vygeboom and Manor on Lords Walks.

The facilities on-premises include; a lounge area, dining hall, tea room and large patio with braai areas, an established garden and Oak trees dating back to 1800’s.

Manor on Lords Walk was built in 2004 and boasts 28 separate apartments comprising of Bachelor units, 1 & 2 Bedroom apartments.

This retirement village is affordable and the best value for money on Durbanville. It is a gated security village with a spacious dining hall, communal braai area, ample gardens, secure parking, and electric fencing.

Vygeboom was established in 2008. The first phase comprises of 18 two-bedroomed apartments and the second phase of 25 units. This French-style village features granite countertops, travertine tiles and chandeliers. People have commented that Vygeboom is more like a 5 star hotel than a retirement centre.

Services at New Life Retirement Villages Durbanville 

​We have a list of services available to residents of our retirement villages: ​

  • qualified nurse who runs the blood pressure clinic and checks vital signs weekly.
  • A shuttle service, on request, to shopping centres, takes our residents to do their weekly grocery shopping.
  • Regular shuttled outings to coffee shops, V&A Water Front, wine estates and other scenic spots.
  • Senior style games and exercise sessions in the lounge area.
  • Meal service (outsourced) – meals can be ordered from the weekly menu. No minimum order needed.
  • Panic Button System – all residents are requested to have one with them at all times.

New Life Community Services unique value

New Life Community Services have designed their retirement centres around community enhancement as a core with and to cater to all levels of affordability. We did this through a Life Right Development model where typically the most strategic advantage is in the decision-making process that remains in the hands of the non-profit with a vested interest in the elderly unlike a traditional body corporate that is self-serving at the cost of the community and adequate service provision.


  • Onze Molen – 12 Hoog Strt, Durbanville
  • Manor on Lords Walk – 6 Langeber Rd, Durbanville
  • Vygeboom – 40 Bokmakierie street, Sontraal
  • Care Centre – 3 Regent Street, Durbanville (Onze Molen premise)
  • Life-Right purchasers must be over 50 years old.
  • No transfer costs and attorney’s fees (life rights endorsement on the title deed, which falls under the life rights act)
  • On re-sale you will get the original purchase price back plus 30% of the profit at Vygeboom, Onze Molen and Manor.
  • Weekly Shopping (only at Manor and Onze Molen), Bus outings on arrangement.
  • Availability of Meals at R55/meal. No minimum order required.
  • Shaded carport at R245 pm ex VAT

Emergency Services:

  • Each owner will be issued with a panic button which is linked to Halt Security, which operates 24/7. Activation of the panic button (once off R750 for button) will result in immediate transmission of 3 text messages (neighbour, next of kin, Halt security).
  • Halt security will determine if this is a medical or security emergency and will dispatch the appropriate response team.

Why Life Right?

Life rights developments are growing in popularity in South Africa. They offer a more cost-effective and less onerous option for retirees than an investment in regular property types.

Essentially life rights could be viewed as a housing product, an insurance policy, and a good night’s sleep all rolled into one. With a lower financial barrier to entry, than a sectional title or freehold house, Life Rights are an attractive option for those living on a fixed retirement income.

‘Life Right’ refers to a property contract whereby a resident enjoys the same privileges as if the home was purchased in a freehold or sectional title manor, except that the developer of the home remains the sole owner of the property. This means the security of tenure until death. As such, much like in a marriage, it’s a two-way long-term commitment. The developer or sectional 21 organization is every bit as dependent on the health of the relationship as is every resident of the development.

Life Right purchase has not got a property transfer – there are no bond registration fees, no transfer duties and no VAT payable, thus avoiding the negative effects that such additional costs can have upon discretionary income and estate values.

When it comes monthly costs Life Right provides all the advantages of regular homeownership without the cost or hassle of insurance, home maintenance, garden upkeep, domestic workers, repairs and security upgrades. All property management, maintenance, and upkeep falls to the developer or section 21 organization as the owner of the property. No body corporates or slow trusts to work through. In this Life Right model there is mutual risk. As a result, there is protection for the resident against unforeseen hidden costs and special levies so often seen in a sectional title or whole owner models.

Because of their popularity, there are normally long waiting lists for New Life Community Services Life Right development units. So it is advisable to contact them and make an appointment to view a unit and put your name down as soon as possible.

Units currently available


  • 2 Bedroom from R 1 590 000

Manor on Lords Walk

  • Batchelor with balcony @ R 790 000
  • 1 bedroom @ R 990 000
  • 2 Bedroom @ R 1 300 000
  • 3 Bedroom @ R 1 390 000

Onze Molen

  • 1 Bedroom small @ R 1 100 000
  • 1 Bedroom @ R 1 300 000
  • 2 Bedroom @ R 1 590 000

Onze Molen Phase 2

  • 2 Bed room with Balcony @ R 1 790 000

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