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Situated only 2 minutes from Netcare Unitas hospital, AD Care – Alzheimers Centre Centurion – a 60 bed facility – caters to the very frail and serves as a recuperation facility for post-operative patients.

At our Medifrail Centurion Facility, you can expect phenomenal service in a facility that has been entirely designed to give you and your loved one peace of mind and care. From the stunning décor that was selected to bring about feelings of happiness and comfort, to the excellent hands-on staff that provide round the clock care, Medifrail Centurion is there to take care of every need.

At Medifrail Centurion, we provide 24/7 care and assistance with a group of well-trained and qualified staff members. We also have an in-house Registered Nurse that not only ensures that exceptional care is taken of all patients, but that all medication is given in a timely fashion as well.

We provide daily care, and constant checks on a hygiene level. From daily bathing, to oral health, as well as general cleanliness. We also give our patients daily Manicures, Pedicures and massages. Our Care Worker team is there to assure that all necessities are taken care of with love and care.

Since it is our mission to provide the best possible care for your loved ones, happiness and socializing are a must for the day. To provide this, we offer daily entertainment in the form of Board Games, Arts & Crafts, Ball Games, Physical Exercise, Music and Poetry, as well as Television, and many more.

We also believe that good food is essential to optimal health and happiness, and thus, we provide 6 balanced meals and snacks throughout the day with a regular interchanging menu. We also provide water during the day to make sure that your loved ones are hydrated.

AD Care Centurion also provides Critical Care Ambulance Services, as well as a Doctor that comes in on a weekly basis to ensure that all patients are in good health. The Doctor is also on constant call during emergencies.

We create a space of homeliness, that allows our patients to be in a state of utmost comfort. We feel that with proper care, this allows the loved one’s family to rest assured as well. If you have a loved one that is stricken with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, or any other frail care condition, then AD Care Centurion is the place for them.

Enquire with AD Care – Alzheimers Centre Centurion today.

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Number of beds in Midcare Assisted Living
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On site hairdressing included in package
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