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Princess Christian Home – Old Age Home Pretoria


Princess Christian Home – Old Age Home Pretoria – is an independent non-profit organisation, situated in Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria and is a mere 1.5 km away from Life Groenkloof Hospital and close to Brooklyn Mall.

We specialise in 24 Hour elderly care for those who are:

  • Able
  • Frail or
  • Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

Our Medically trained staff consists of a Matron, Professional Sisters and Nurses that provide 24/7 nursing care to our Residents. A dedicated Doctor is available for an onsite consultation when needed.

The general staff at Princess Christian Home – Old Age Home Pretoria consists of:

  • Cleaners that ensure the home is clean and smells hygienic
  • Laundry staff that make certain all linen and Residents’ clothing are clean and fresh on a daily basis
  • Handymen that maintains the home
  • Gardener that maintains the home’s beautiful gardens
  • Front office staff provide a professional and friendly service to Residents and visitors alike. 

The Home outsources the following:

  • The kitchen is a reliable catering company that specialises in providing well balanced and nutritional meals planned by their dietitian.  Three tasty meals daily are included in the accommodation fee.
  • A trusted security company providing our Residents and visitors with a safe and secure environment 24/7.  A Security Guard at an access restricted main gate, an electric fence around the premises and CCTV Cameras gives added peace of mind.

The following services are available at an additional fee:

  • A Hairdresser that is available weekly in the home’s Salon
  • A Pedicurist that visits the home on monthly basis
  • A Manicurist that visits the home on a monthly basis
  • An Audiologist that visits the home on a monthly basis

The Home also provides free activities for our Residents such as fabric painting, board games, library, birthday celebrations, exercises and church services from various denominations.  An Alzheimer’s support group meets on a monthly basis at the home.  Residents also enjoy taking walks in our tranquil gardens.

The residential facilities consist of:

  • En-suite and single units for able bodied Residents
  • Frail care units
  • Alzheimer units

Facilities are rented on a monthly basis and fees are dependent on the type of care the Resident may require.  Please contact Princess Christian Home for further information.

Covid News

The Princess Christian Home takes the health and wellbeing of our residents seriously at all times, however, with the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic, we have implemented further precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our residents.

In line with government regulations for frail care facilities, only essential staff members are allowed on premises to reduce the exposure of our residents.

The staff are subject to temperature checks before the start of each shift, with clear measures for PPE usage around the facility and when interacting with residents.

The Home is tended to by our competent and well managed housekeeping staff, who disinfect all surfaces around the home multiple times per day to ensure the best possible hygiene practices.

In the event of a COVID 19 infection in the Home, we have clear and defined policies for the quarantine and care of our residents, to ensure the containment and control of the infection for the  best possible outcomes.

The Princess Christian Home is accepting admissions to our Frail Care/Dementia wing, as well as admissions for Assisted living under special circumstances. No on site walk-throughs are permitted at this time, but potential residents are welcome to view the facility on our website or get in touch with us Mon-Fri between 08:00 and 12:30 for an in depth telephonic walk-through.

Any resident taking occupation in the Home during the lockdown period will be subject to special isolation and admission procedures to prevent the exposure of our facility, staff and residents to the  virus.

Contact Princess Christian Home – Old Age Home Pretoria – today.

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Number of beds in Midcare Assisted Living
Number of beds in Frailcare
Hair Salon on premises with attending Hairdresser on Thursdays and Fridays
Transport to shops
Weekly shopping done for Residents
Three Meals and Two Tea times daily included in fee
Complex Security
Access control at main entrance, 24/7 Security Guard on premises, Electric Fencing and CCTV Cameras
Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair Access to building and wheelchair friendly building
Medical Doctor
Dedicated Medical Doctor willing to come to premises for consultation
Nursing sister
24/7 Nursing Care, 24/7 Professional Sister on premises
Laundry Service
Weekly Laundry Service included in fee
Library Service
Free weekly Library Service on premises
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