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Maxhaven Retirement Village – Flower Foundation


Cottages and Flats available at the Maxhaven retirement village:

We have lovely one-and-two-bedroom cottages and flats, set in colourful gardens. They’re within walking distance of Steve’s Spar and Cresta Shopping Centre. They’re also close to the Northcliff medical NHC Centre and the Darrenwood Dam area.

What the Maxhaven retirement village units consist of…

These units comprise of bedroom(s), lounge/dining room, bathroom, kitchen with a covered courtyard (for cottages), a patio that looks out into the gardens (for cottages and flats on the ground floor), or a quaint balcony for upstairs flats.

You can purchase these units on a Tenancy Right basis

Number of cottages:

  • 30 Cottages with 1 bedroom.
  • 13 Cottages with 2 bedrooms.

For pricing information, view the Available Accommodation listings on this site.

Number of flats:

  • 8 Flats with 1 bedroom.

Monthly levies include water, weekly domestic and garden services.

Purchase prices can vary depending on individual cottage improvements.

For pricing information, view the Available Accommodation listings on this site.

Features of the Maxhaven retirement village

•    Secured perimeter
•    Hand held emergency buttons
•    Carports are available
•    Live-in Home Supervisor
•    The manager and matron visit regularly and are on call
•    Matron runs a weekly clinic
•    Library service
•    Dining room and lounge for entertainment and socialising
•    Arts and crafts room
•    Guest flat for over-night visitors
•   Assisted Living and Full Care available at nearby Elm Park in Northcliff, or any of our other villages.

How the Tenancy Rights work

A resident’s right to stay in the accommodation depends on the person’s health and ability. When a resident vacates his/her unit, it is refurbished at the resident’s cost and resold.

A percentage of the new selling price is refunded to the resident. The value of the unit is market related and generally goes up in price each year. Repayment of Tenancy Rights to the resident is based on the following sliding scale:

  • 70% refund in first 6 months
  • 60% refund 7-24 months
  • 50% refund 25 months onwards

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Number of Cottages
Number of Apartments
Community Center
Community centre, guest cottage, library
On-site hairdressing salon
Pets allowed
Yes, Pets (small dog) with written permission
Carports provided
Transport to shops
Weekly Shopping Trip
Complex Security
Access control, CCTV, patrolling night security
Nursing sister
Weekly wellness clinic included in levy
Laundry Service
Self-service laundry on site
Library Service
On-site library
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