Rand Aid Association retirement villages are committed to the wellbeing of the elderly

Rand Aid Association's Tarentaal offers subsidised rental accommodation for the elderly with limited means while Thembalami caters for men and women over 65 who are physically or mentally frail and who are in dire need of frail care.

Tarentaal caters for the many senior citizens who receive just their government pension. The home offers 110 one-bedroom and 190 bedsitter apartments. It also offers a number of facilities to residents leaving little need for them to have to travel but if they need to, we arrange weekly trips to Balfour Park and Greenstone Shopping Centres by bus.

We offer focused personal care and wellbeing at Tarentaal – with 24-hour nursing care and a range of other services. Our staff work tirelessly to create a healthy living environment for our residents.

Thembalami, meaning "My Hope", offers frail care to our senior citizen residents who have very little to offer in terms of payment. Many residents at our retirement villages suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Possibly, the most heart rendering of all, is how few family visits these residents get. As the general public, we realise we are ageing, but we do not take proper care of the aged in our very own families at retirement villages.