Snooker offers pockets of pleasure

Going on retirement after decades of purpose-filled days at the office can leave people feeling a little lost.

That is why Rand Aid retirement village Thornhill Manor, situated in Modderfontein, Johannesburg, offers retirees a host of ways to keep themselves busy and challenged, including a recently completed ‘Man Cave’ for do-it-yourselfers.

One of the most popular activities at the village gives residents the opportunity to talk and chalk, while racking it and cracking it. Competitive snooker has become so popular in the village that both A and B teams had to be established for the inter-village competitions that get the blood flowing and the banter going.

Home games and practice sessions are held in the village’s snooker room, which was added to the community hall when it was extensively renovated in 2018.

One of the village’s most enthusiastic players is Rudi Waage, who practises each and every day and says that since going on retirement, snooker has filled his days with loads of passion and camaraderie as he tests his skill against fellow residents and other retirement village teams.

Wooden shelves lining the wall of Thornhill Manor’s snooker room hold a number of trophies that have been awarded to the village’s team, as well as an individual award to Rudi for player of the year – all testament to the seriousness with which the players line up their cues.

For more information, contact Rand Aid.