What is assisted living?

by Clive
September 9, 2014

Assisted living is a generic term describing facilities for people needing assistance with day to day living activities. They cater for people that need help in dealing with common tasks that have become difficult due to physical limitations. Assisted living facilities provide the appropriate care for those people who are elderly or who may have disabilities in certain areas, but are otherwise capable in others.

What Assisted Living facilities offer

Assisted living facilities aid with activities that have become difficult for someone to perform entirely for themselves like laundry, housekeeping, preparing meals, dressing or bathing.

Some assisted living facilities may also provide minor medical care and assistance with medications.

The difference between assisted living facilities and nursing homes

Assisted living is not to be considered as a replacement for, or an alternative to a nursing home. The major difference lies in the fact that it is a more appropriate way to support and enhance an individual’s life by helping them overcome the limitations they may be faced with. These could include minor physical disabilities or even confusion and memory problems that may be hard to for a person to deal with alone.

Nursing homes, on the other hand, are specifically designed for those who have extensive health considerations that make them unable to take care of themselves without constant or acute care.


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