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Trans-50 Retirement Villages – Head Office


The Trans 50 retirement villages offer choice at affordable rates

Trans 50 is an independent, Section 21 company, non-profit, which owns and manages residential retirement villages for the over-50s, throughout South Africa.

‘From the moment I set foot in the village, I could just feel I was in the right place’. ‘It just feels right!’  –  these are the sentiments of many residents and it’s how they have described their first visit to their Trans 50 retirement village of choice.

We are of course delighted by this response…but we’re not very surprised. This because for the past 39 years, we have specialised in meeting the expectations and needs of our senior population – in all its diversity.

Our residents immediately sense the atmosphere of peace, care and tranquillity and they feel uplifted by the beautifully kept gardens and neat buildings, with their comfortable and clean interiors.

Our employees are friendly, committed and professional… Then they discover our wide range of services and facilities. And this all adds up and makes for the perfect retirement choice.

The Trans 50 retirement villages offer a comprehensive service

Retirement heralds a new phase in life and presents unique challenges for each individual. We understand that buying into a retirement village is a major decision that affects your life in many ways.

This is why the Trans 50 lifestyle offers its residents maximum independence, privacy, security and freedom of choice. Whether you’re still working or retired and independent, in need of assisted living or frail care, the Trans 50 retirement villages provide a range of tailormade care, designed for the evolving needs of the senior population.

The Trans 50 retirement village lifestyle ensures peace of mind in the form of financial stability, property maintenance and a professional management team.

Our retirement cottages and villas are sold on a life-rights basis and our flats and studio apartments are occasionally available for rental. Our frail care facilities work on a month-by-month fee.

The Trans 50 retirement villages are occupied mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations. As a result, most of our villages have a waiting list. So, don’t hesitate, come meet us today!

A life enriched by choice

Our goal is to assist our residents to live their lives to the fullest and to embrace new opportunities with enthusiasm and joy.

Freedom of choice and protection of individualism are amongst our ultimate goals.

In our quest to deliver a world-class services, we consult with multi-disciplinary teams who advise us on the development of unique lifestyle enrichment programmes. We count among our advisors, one of the world’s leading gerontologists, Pat Lindgren. He is Chairperson for the Gerontology Society for Africa as well as ombudsman for our residents.

Our vision, mission and values

Our employees take pride in their work, and it shows!

They share our passion to provide a high quality service to our residents and make their stay exceptional.

We strive to be the leader in delivering quality accommodation and customised care, within a sustainable financial framework, to the 1 500 senior citizens who have already chosen to call our retirement villages ‘home’.

We encourage our residents to enjoy an independent lifestyle within attractive and safe surroundings, in accommodation that is specifically designed to address their changing needs, with easy access to care when it is needed and without having to worry about property or garden maintenance.

Our values

Every Trans 50 employee has been involved in assisting with the development of our values and supporting behaviours of the organisation. We believe that much of our success is due to the fact that we live by our values, every day:

  • Honesty, trust and respect
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Teamwork through unity in diversity
  • Open communication
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Recognition and reward
  • World-class work standards to help create customer satisfaction
  • Training and development
  • Financial sustainability

The Trans 50 logo

‘Trans 50’ represents transformation. That is, change and renewal.

It refers to transformation, both for the group and the individual.

In essence, it speaks of a time of understanding, enlightenment, awareness, open-mindedness and wisdom.

The Trans 50 icon portrays the 3 principles of health, wealth and longevity. They are balanced because they are equally important and joined to flow into a circle that never ends.

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